20181216: MATHof ESP, Why wait for permission to Succeed? Pt2353 w/video

Yeah, why ask permission??

Yes, all inventors, artists, musicians, and builders of entrepreneurial businesses either follow the well worn path OR they just do something to SEE WHAT IF?


Notice I do not say Follow rules, NOR disregard the rules. Changing the way you normally do things ADDS creative possibilities.

The same goes for SUCCESS, Just do it! No waiting for permission from family, friends or businesses & governments or churches/religions.

Study history, ALL IDEAS start with ONE Person, then it is advertised to more and either swims or sinks.

Only time will tell.

to achieve greatness

Pinterest snag above & my own work below of my own HISTORY… ask folks in my past. I bet quite a few of will say, “Yeah, Peter just goes for it when he has an idea. Does not even wait for folks to stop nah-saying him, he just gets it done.”

20180303 who has a problem_FB

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