20181215: MATH of ESP, Why cross the road if you DO NOT GAMBLE? Day 22 #occupyiss

Life is a gamble, everything from expecting to “WAKE UP after a nap” to insurance policies are a form of gambling.



yes,I am trying to keep it humorous here as I explain “My dream of heaven, a star ship compared to other people would want to “Gamble on  a Heaven described by a religion”…

after all, in 1960 the Spiritual Realm EXPLAINED I would ‘NEVER HAVE ANY MORE TRUST-ABLE PEOPLE AROUND ME than existed at that point WHERE MY mother had thrown me out & len was abusive & NOT MY FAMILY OR FATHER!!’

So why should I believe in a scheme to “MAKE MONEY FOR THESE RELIGIONS?”

Spiritual being, not religious

I got tossed out of the Roman Empire VATICAN MAFIA-CARTEL in 1961, why believe in their religion IF THEY FEARED ME FOR KNOWING THEIR GOD??

So I gamble on my DREAMS & in 58 years since that decision, more of my dreams have come true!

20180303 who has a problem_FB

I depend on me & have learned to NEVER, EVER PUT TOO MUCH TRUST IN A HUMAN!!

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