20181214: MATH of ESP, UFO sighting I personal have had & my experiences in life shows why they are UFOs.

more MATH of ESP data to consider,


yes, I do know what the difference is between glare & lens flare & understand that a lens has 5 to 20 or more elements of the lens inside it, satellites, military “announced or secret project released to conspiracy theorists folks to spread a rumor” and many other forms of aerospace craft are…

AND with some 45-46 years of always looking up to the stars, I have the hours of seeing stuff in the skies, that do NOT MATCH anything known.

Science-fiction reader from 10 yrs old or so too, seen ENOUGH MOVIES to know most conspiracy Aliens are just old movie/show pieces.

Keep in mind that the USA Military & government DO CONSIDER ME A DANGER IN SPACE!

20180919 YT #OccupyISS Starts Feb 20th 2018 & trump story

and ONLY TOOK 21 DAYS to start building an SPACE FORCE TO FIGHT ME, a solo Lobo Revolutionary single man #occupyiss_intspacestation revolution!!

So I must know something dangerous if the WORLD’S largest supplier of weapons & Mightiest Military is afraid of me…

Plus the VATICAN & Mexican Police in this town where I exposed a 300+ year old murder for PROFIT CHURCH MIRACLE MONEY SCHEME.

20181124 Vatican fraud-5080FB

Notice it is not a pool of blood folks, I did not sit down and cry! I was walking back & forth doing stuff to insure MY SURVIVAL! Kitchen towels wrapping my bleeding hands till I was safe enough to use the 1st AID KITS to do field dressings.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2018

Support the War to Survive Effort,
#OccupyISS_IntSpaceStation & #OccupyISS is my Revolution to save life.
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