20181213: Religion & psychology, hum same problem of arrogance. Day 20 #occupyiss

and yes, just having some humorous fun with a VERY NEW PROFESSION & it’s demand for respect BY you or you need Happy drugs.

Big Pharma says it’s 5 yr tests of it’s chemical compounds ARE SAFER THAN PLANTS USED FOR 5,000 TO 10,000 YEARS??

Psychologists & Psychiatrists BOTH CLAIM TO BE GREATER THAN ANY GOD, because you have to be on happy drugs, NOT SOLVING your life’s problems or SEEING VISIONS.

and of course as the Pope points out,

Arrogance is A HUMAN ISSUE that can only be SOLVED WITH Intelligence… Not rude behavior.

Look at Your behavior BEFORE YOU tell anyone else what to do!

Both the “Religions -religious people & doctors-psychologists-psychiatrists, CLAIM I CAN NOT HAVE MARK FROM A GOD, because THEY DID NOT GIVE ANY GOD PERMISSION to give such a mark.


Which logically means “THEY ARE INSANE & should not have ANY POWER TO CONTROL OTHER LIFE FORMS!

Or that while the FACTS of my life show a 200+ IQ the fact that I did not get a government or church certificate, I CAN’T BE SMART???

Hum, did smart HUMANS or SCHOOLS EXIST 1ST to create those schools??

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