20181211: When YOU DON’T READ THE WRITING, whoops, Preachers/Popes tell lies…

I have a section of the Bible here which is suppose to be the words of “Jesus Christ” yet, admits to someone greater than him…

So claims of Jesus is God and nothing is greater…


Remember this comes from A RELIGION THAT PREACHES:

I do believe IT WOULD BE BEST TO READ YOUR RELIGION’S BOOKS… no matter WHAT religion you are!

I even had a read messages of Hopi 1st Nation people PROTECTING NOT TEACHING CORRECT BEHAVIOR LIFE stories because you are NOT HOPI so shut up about our prophecies of ARROGANCE DESTROYING the WORLD…

What is the difference between a government refusing them practice & them refusing to help & teach WHAT THE SPIRITUAL REALM WANTS everyone taught??

yeah, wake up & read the religious books.

2018110 Pope admit being DEvil

when a group of rich people


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