20181209: Just another day in San Juan de los Lagos Jal. Mx. surviving the corruption! Day 14 reporting on my status & health.

Yeah, 15 days down & NOW the 16th day of locking out THE CORRUPT MEXICAN POLICE, food & water holding out OK. Slow to upload these videos but doing fine.

Yes, it is amusing to see that all “Those OH, I care so much” type people running away as fast as possible.

After all, EVERYONE KNOWS women are always concerned about their “Social Status” before the truth of anything.

So the arrogant Christians & Catholics are just as lousy to depend on. In the 15 minute video I explain the why of it even.

But I do wish the Rainbow warriors of the Indigenous people of 6 continents would wake up.

After all, isn’t this what they are suppose to be waiting for, a sign from the “Spiritual Realm & Spirits” of SUPPORTING the 1st Nation People of the PLANET??

any way, still OK & joking with myself in humor of the mess I am in for those Gods of your planet.

Remember this Christmas season, It is the Solstice you SHOULD BE CELEBRATING, not a faked story by someone who desires gold, silver, material wealth…

The only REASON San Juan de los Lagos wants anyone to come here is TO STEAL FROM THEM…

20180907 street & Plaza-4590FB

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2018


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