20181201: Creator of Int. Space Station relaxing on 8th day of locking out Mexican police to keep from making me another Investigative Photojournalist dead in Mexico

Yes, I have fought off the police after catching them involved in the use of “threats” to steal from tourists coming to San Juan de los Lagos, not direct but, on the side.

So when the town having tried to KILL or remove me from town so they can have ALL MY PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT FOR FREE, or a couple pesos the cops come RUNNING TO ARREST ME AND LEAVE & of course leave my apt open to who knows.

I fought back!

20181128 lock down 1st Aid-5125FB


I used a KNIFE IN A TOWN THAT has made at least 30 attempts on my life, again MEXICAN SELF-DEFENSE LAW PREVAILS.

One of my cameras with a single lens & operating parts is WORTH MORE THAN A YEAR OF A POLICEMAN SALARY…. whoops!

Yes, it is another day down & I am still safe inside. 9:21pm Mx City time (CST)

#Occupyiss_intspacestation    lives to fight another day.

ISS_science_facilities & ISS occupyISS_FB

Yesterday’s lunch shows I have food still,


and that good old salesman Pope Francis, has NOT ADDRESSED THAT ISSUE of a Vatican Saint APPROVED for almost 300 years Church, is a place of MURDER & STEALING BY LYING ABOUT A CIRCUS ACT was a Bible god “MIRACLE”.

My story is publish & passing around.

BUT I get to chuckle for the rest of my life, THE DEVIL IS AFRAID OF ME!

2018110 Pope admit being DEvil

SO ANYONE want to help fight the Devil (yes, it was suppose to be said jokingly by the pope).

Share the story & GET PEOPLE TALKING!!


Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2018

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