20181128: Just a damage control of my hands in this barricaded investigative photojournalist day in San Juan de los Lagos Jal, MX.

Yeah, I got up my nerve and cut open the bandages.

Overall it is Promising, the left pinky works some and as you see the color is good.

I can move it but the smashed flesh/muscle needs more time. I have nerve feeling too, but I did an internal scream when I flexed it open too much.

You can see I keep decent level of 1st Aid kits & the knife I put to the guy that kept saying “Fuck Jesus, this is my town. I’ll bring my friends to beat your ass up & take your gear”, is back in the 1st kit. In a country where there are no building codes and lots of earthquakes ONLY IDIOTS HAVE NO POCKET KNIVES IN THEIR 1ST AID KITS!

I had wrapped the left pinky with tape to immobilize it, so the knife was needed.

20181128 lock down 1st Aid-5125FB

20181128 lock down 1st Aid-5126FB

20181128 lock down 1st Aid-5137FB

20181128 lock down 1st Aid-5138FB

20181128 lock down 1st Aid-5143FB

the left pinky SMASHED, but the wound is closing & I could flex it. The whiteish color is due to the dressing and just moisture. But you can see the red of muscle on either side sticking out.

20181128 lock down 1st Aid-5145FB

So I re-dressed it and maintained the bent position to close that wound and immobilize it. Hopefully a little more air.

So the war wounds & scars of life well life, I survive.

I will see where it goes, but someone came claiming to be a lawyer so they now have these & other evidence to “Be entered as CHARGES ON THE POLICE of Violation of NOT HAVING A BREAK IN & ARREST FEDERAL ORDER FIRST, plus DUE TO THE FACT that for 3 the years I have been here many attempts of the standard out, “I’m your amigo come party & get drunk” or worse has been at least weekly. I have BY MEXICAN LAW “SELF-DEFENSE RIGHT TO BE ARMED”. again the Police violated the laws because they thought they had a dumb gringo they could just push around.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2018

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