20181127: Vatican Priests vs God on power level? God made EVERYTHING IN 7 DAYS…


because like all con JOBS THEY FAIL TO PRODUCE anything they claim?

With all the fancy thoughts of Rev. 2:17 connection I have never in my life EVER CLAIMED TO BE BIGGER THAN GODS…

Any Physical body CAN NOT CONTAIN what by definition of humans is “Beyond the imagination of the human mind.

It is Spiritual energy in the Spiritual Realm, which being unlimited that god must also be “Unlimited”.

LOGIC, how can you CONTAIN “Unlimitedness”.

So no physical body ‘spirit’ in ANY physical Realm is EVER GREATER THAN IT’S SPIRITUAL CREATOR.

Do you kind of start to understand?

THIS is why the Spiritual Realm was concerned of that “Satan” being. The Bible Churches started the “King of Demons”, a fallen god/angel.

So in 1960 I was awaken to “Find if such a being existed” & because the humans were “Hell bent on killing themselves”, I of course without violating my vow of ‘NEVER BELONGING TO A RELIGION’ I could do thing to increase the possible survival of ALL life on the planet. So I have never gotten into collecting followers, sorry.

Not everything but at least new seed stock when the planet was ready, i.e. ” I got a star ship with cargo & had a guess 20 years to maybe 50 or 60 years of traveling the universe for the time compression of millions of years on earth to pass.”

I guess 50 to 100 million years of time to restore the planet, which will need maybe 25 to 30 of travel time. At 60 yrs old & my mom was still alive 94-95 yrs old now, the normal life of this body will do the job with some nice hi-tech medical unit to repair some of the damage over the years to in fighting corruption.

So yeah, I get to dream of my star ship or find a way to get up into space with #occupyiss to make a life up there.

20180919 YT #OccupyISS Starts Feb 20th 2018 & trump story

20181011 Windows to Help LINUX

Down here on the planet, enjoy your insane belief of being BIGGER THAN YOUR CREATOR….


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