20181126: Paradigm Shift & Planet science LOGIC #OccupyISS Pt 113

Yes, I explain why NO PLACE ON EARTH IS SAFE from the changes happening & the evidence that is there for it to BE HAPPENING.

For example, theory is the mini ice age people who use a “Nuclear Winter” type of idea of the climate changing & more powerful storms.

But they forget to add the SO2 into the equation and specially if 3 to 8 super caldera volcanoes erupt at the SAME TIME & all you are doing is adding one possible eruption instead of many huge inputs of the SO2 which heats the Lower Atmosphere & cools the Upper Atmosphere.

The computer simulations would ALSO VERY DIFFERENT than what you folks want to believe is coming, if you use SO2 as the concerning “climate change gas” instead of CO2.

3 years ago or more, I started to talk about 700km deep quakes to lift & twist/move all the continents. In 2017, the scientists started to have 650km or more deep earthquakes show up in their instruments. hum??

ANYONE want to think a cave or underground bunker is a good place, IF EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED & you planned on the “Nothing Ever happens or moves over here”

The “Deep Secure Freezer” for holding seeds to replant the planet with in the Arctic has had issues with thawing water getting inside & it was to last 100s of years in the frozen north, hum??

Do those satellite worlds being build FAST sound a little smarter now?


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