20181126: Meditation & waiting for police to NOT PROTECT THE CRIMINALS in San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco, Mx

Since the families in this town tend to all live around one central block of of intermarrying families, yes, there is some police living up the street.

I have for a year watched them enter & exit a house where two groups of criminals trying to steal from me live & OPERATE BUSINESSES.

Yes, like most unintelligent people they like to keep things in the family & of “Mexican Macho/Bravado” is a very old tradition going back to Roman Empire days.

I am alive, injured a bit as you can see by the blood on the floor. I am not going to bleed to dead at my current status, who knows when the cartel police criminals will return through.

20181124 Vatican fraud-5080FB

I do have to wonder what is going through the minds of those police officers who cut & smashed my hands, the HANDS THAT HOLD A Spiritual Mark OF THEIR GOD. Trying to cut off my hands to remove that spiritual mark maybe???

For the police to try to tell someone that they are NOT ALLOWED TO PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM ATTACK by someone (a family member at that) who for 3 to 4 MONTHS HAS BEEN THREATENING TO BRING HIS FRIENDS TO KILL & STEAL MY EQUIPMENT. WHO HAS continuous got into MY FACE calling me a homo, asshole, Insane for HAVING Rev 2:17 SPIRITUAL MARK FROM THEIR GOD, of how this person who says, “FUCK JESUS, GET OUT OF MY PERSONAL PROPERTY OF A TOWN”, and anything Else the person could say to CREATE A FIGHT,

IS TO PROTECT THE CRIMINAL, so yes, San Juan de los Lagos is a city of thieves & murders. I have had a few Mexicans from other states complain or tell me TO GET OUT WHILE I AM ALIVE! It is a CRIME CAPITAL OF MEXICO…

Gee, no wonder the God & Saint of this town wanted me to come INVESTIGATE THE CORRUPTION TAUGHT TO CHILDREN, PROTECTED BY CHURCHES & POLICE. The depth of corruption behavior is very deep in these people. They have no connection to anything of Gods or Spiritual Beings, they just sale FRAUD for gold & silver & ARROGANCE.

With professional equipment & other tools of the trade to be an INDEPENDENT Investigative Photojournalist I know my equipment surpasses THE ANNUAL PAY OF THE POLICE OFFICERS… yeah, just some cutthroat criminals with a badge & uniform.

Unlike that pope Francis, who claims to be GREATER THAN HIS GOD & THEREFORE IS Satan or the El Diablo of the Bible Revelations,

I work for the Spiritual Realm, I AM NEVER BIGGER THAN ANY GOD! But sadly I do work for them so when I must get in and do some dirty work, I simply go forward to do so as best I can. I have always said, the higher your connection to the Gods, the more “dirty work you get to clean up & the less fancy parties you will get invited too.”

Religious figures of churches of course WANT THE EGO STROKING of fine clothes, food, houses & people kissing their feet and throwing money to them.

My hands, bandaged & bloody will be taken care by me will be taken care of by me later.

Too many offers of rat poison in food offered to me, too many offers o drive me out of town, too many offers of people want me to get DRUNK with them.

Over 50 years of traveling Mexico, I know the old lines of thieves & MURDERS and seen the results of broken people left laying in the street to die.

The Gods have agreed there is NOT A SINGLE PERSON IN San Juan de los Lagos who’s heart is pure & clean of murder & bandito habits. Any child over 3 years old is taught to lie, cheat & steal.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2018

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