20181115: A quick demonstration of why you should still carry a polarizing filter

Yes, there are some things that Photoshop can not do, nor any other photo editing program.

I was asked about photography & when do I start to edit my photos.

I replied from the first second I see an image to shoot. I am twisting the camera this way & that way. If I have a zoom lens (quite common), I am zooming in or out to see the over all image.

Then the polarizer filter gets a twist or two to see what I like.

Normal, using polarizing filters is to cut glare & reflections: That is something photo editing programs can not do simply because they have no DATA to PRODUCE the non-glare image.

20181113 street & flowers& old car-5008FB

In this image above you can see the left side is darker & you see into the water it’s self. This makes the reds of the flowers pop a little more & causes the greens of the plant to also see a bit richer. Also notice that the stones in the retaining wall change colors slightly & lighter in the above photo.

Here in the image below, you see the water reflecting on the left side & the right side has is a tiny bit darker than that of the top photo, but you do not see into the water any deeper.

20181113 street & flowers& old car-5009FB

Whereas in this Mexican stonework wall, I used the polarizer to accent those richer oranges & yellows. Yes, you can use photo editing programs to do the richer colors in the photos. Vibrance & Saturation plus other color sliders & layers can do this step.

20181113 street & flowers& old car-5018FB

In street photography, specially shooting from the hip as much as I do, the polarizer is good to have because like this shot. You can see it was near enough to being set right at the woman/girl in the back passenger seat & the front seat passenger are both visible without glare issues. I did not look thru the view finder, I have the camera in my lap and just turn it to the needed direction and press the shutter. Few of those people ever know I shot their picture.

20181113 street & flowers& old car-4991FB

In the stone wall & bamboo below, I use the polarizer to flatten off the bright reflections on the leaves & it also added separation for the plants from the stone work.

20181113 street & flowers& old car-5015FB

However the most popular use is for making your clouds much, much more expressive!

By the way, I shot this without that taxi after this frame with the taxi & decided I just liked the yellow contrast to the blues of the sky & made the clouds more impacting.

20181027 night bridge & field of flowers-4967FB

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