20181115: A few demonstrations of clouds with a polarizing filter for more “Impact”. Pt 2

So one of the main REASONS of a polarizer in landscape photography is the clouds have more depth & texture making the photograph more interesting to the viewer.

An “app” can’t do this because you have to have the ‘original photograph data’ for an ‘App’ program to use & only a real polarizing filter can give you that. HDR apps come close but are not the same thing.

20181027 night bridge & field of flowers-4953FB

So while the photograph is not very interesting, the clouds are very expressive. With a circular polarizer you just dial it in.

20181027 night bridge & field of flowers-4952FB

As you can see, those clouds add a very nice “dramatic” environment to the fountain shot. By using a lower shutter speed I added a ‘slight’ motion to the water squirting in the fountain. Your polarizer will drop a half to full f/stop for the darkening effect.

Also get a “good Glass” polarizing filter, the polarizer just like neutral density filters will cause color cast changes. I have some plastic graduated neutral density filters that have a very red to purple shift. Very nice for sunset or sunrise photos but I am careful about their use & aware of that color shift.

20181027 night bridge & field of flowers-4963FB

I do work my images in Lightroom, but the polarizer allowed me to dial in the clouds for this photo and still have the plants & flowers to be bright enough for contrasting colors to those clouds.

20181027 night bridge & field of flowers-4956FB

And a couple minutes later on the other side of the river, I dial in the clouds which also brings the glare off the river down nicely.

So yes, I recommend that you keep a polarizer in your kit and at least step down rings for different lenses if you carry several lenses.

What a polarizer does is not able to have a computer “app” do, the computing power to design in “Details” that the camera RAW or other file format did not capture “in the original photo” is going to be immense.

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