20181023 That LBGTQ issue of human religions & a little TRUTH #OccupyISS

OK, so a little polite rant here for your enlightenment.

Calling the LBGTQ humans “subhuman or unloved by God” is a violation of the life on the planet & violates what the Spiritual Realm is.

Spiritual Realm has no Physical OBJECTS like bodies so SEX IS just a human thing to concern you with to hide that Anti LBGTQ is to promote birth & get huge membership in your group!

Be it a church, psychologist, government official or just an arrogant human.
I mean think of it, Popes call LBGTQ people subhuman then gets caught with his 2nd in Command Cardinal having gay sex orgies with under age boys and it is SATAN’S fault for exposing this crime to make the church look bad. ha ha, Pope Francis is doing a good job just like the bumbling TRUMPed is doing.
Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2018

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