20181011: Assaulting the Gods because Arrogance is more important. #OccupyISS Pt 102

Yeah, wearing thin on the GOVERNMENT TROLLS while the USA sinks into the mud & gets washed out to SEA!

Again, while the “Christian & Catholic God Thou shall not Kill/Murder or steal.BUT “killing because our God says we can” IS THE STANDARD of the Bible churches & every other religion & government.

Humans love to defend their killing & stealing by claiming they had special permission. So using my life & a little more I show just how “CHEAP LIFE IS” & how expensive it BECOMES when the Gods checked In!
Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2018

Support the War to Survive Effort,
#OccupyISS_IntSpaceStation & #OccupyISS is my Revolution to save life.
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