20180924: FACEBOOK BLOCKS Whistle Blower talking about name calling against him.

Yeah, just a tiny bit of censorship…

I am CENSORED because of “HATE speech” for the following comment: (NOTICE I TALK OF ME & society name calling of me A CORRUPTION FIGHTING WHISTLE BLOWER)

yeah, but people like me who READ IN 1999 OF THE UPCOMING 911 ATTACK BY USA & listened to the news release in 1981 of Pres Reagan Hiring BinLaden are of course FAKE NEWS & destroying the Social hour of “Rose colored sunglasses wearing people”… but then I had FLEE FOR MY LIFE IN 2015 when it became obvious that TRUMPed had been SELECTED TO BE POTUS by the 1% ELITE RICH who OWN the media too! ha ha

Gee, does Mark Sucker think I will lose his 2020 PRESIDENTIAL election tryout??

Yeah, I know that he works for USA military-CIA/FBI/NSA….

so just remember that Facebook is in California where they are long over due for a Major Earthquake …

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