20180710: Mexicano Gringo, what a ROMAN church teaches.

Like I keep saying, these local Mexican have nothing better to do than INSULT. The Roman Catholic & Christian churches in town of course INSULT EVERY LIVING THING by claiming to be greater than “Gods” & using killing, threats & INSULTS to steal.

201800710 Mexicano gringo-4203_FB

The man came walking up the street PRETENDING TO BE DRUNK, sticks a finger in his mouth and ACTS LIKE HE IS A FAGGOT!

He prances around in front me, continuing his obvious insult till I snap a couple frames & show him, I shot his photo.


I laughed him off, and he walked away OBVIOUSLY NOT AT ALL DRUNK!

The sign over my head as he does this!


So yes, I shake my rain sticks for rains to wash away these arrogant people, their churches & to bring plagues on them…

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