20180529: Street photography, patience…

I started to shoot street photography in the early 1970s in the Los Angeles area,

Street Photography for me is the trick of that candid shot, not the paparazzi “Bang flash in your face” but people doing their thing unconcerned of a photographer near by…

A funeral procession walks past my street set-up, camera on my knee. Even the children are looking at my display not the camera.

201800529 funeral Natives & little daughter-3930FB

Or right behind the children,

201800529 funeral Natives & little daughter-3934FB

and of course my street vendors, ‘agua’ & coco are easy, but I enjoy the fact he does his thing & even the traffic is of no concern as I snap this shot of him preparing my bag of fresh coconut pieces.

201800529 funeral Natives & little daughter-3954FB

So years of carrying the cameras, knowing where the buttons are & do, I quietly photograph the life as it is happening in the natural surrounding.

201800407 street games TWO-3347fullFB

Creative shooting!

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2018

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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