20180310: Intelligence: How smart Humans should try thinking.

For 58 years I have walked this planet knowing that humans with their arrogance of “being SO smart” will kill themselves off along with most all life on the planet BEFORE I DIED. I am 60 years old.

At this point that is now the ONLY OPTION humans have left, short of a “Real Miracle”.

Kind of sad to see such arrogance, but that is human nature.

Even my creating the International Space Station was done with the idea that in the future I would have a chance to step back into the “stole idea” & try to save humans.

At this point the “Gods” of your planet are trying to find a way to get me to care enough of humans to save a few of your asses. So far they have only shown me more and more of the HUMAN ARROGANCE & a couple of humans who might be worth it to save as long I can also heal my son enough that he wants to join me in getting off the planet.

Otherwise, you are out of luck.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2018


4 thoughts on “20180310: Intelligence: How smart Humans should try thinking.

    • If I have spent 58 years trying to HELP HUMANS SURVIVE & THEY HAVE MURDERED THEIR PLANET AS OF THIS DATE! How am I “arrogant”??? Even now you REPLY I am arrogant not the the humans who think THEY ARE GREATER THAN GODS”. Fukushima was the “LAST STRAW”, IN 2015 THE SPIRITUAL REALM ANNOUNCED THE PLANET IS BEYOND HELP BY HUMANS & ALL LIFE WILL CEASE IN 10 YEARS. Arrogance is THE REFUSAL TO LOOK AT FACTS! PER YOU “in presumptuous claims or assumptions”… Your planet has 8 years or LESS OF LIFE. Thank You for the comment.


    • by the way Julia Gamble, don’t you think it is a bit arrogant to assume a false ID to use to post insult or correct comments on my blog. When your blog does not even have a real entry on it???


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