20180305: 2 versions of the San Juan Saint posters

20180305 Basilica church & Saint objects_02FB

When the Spiritual Being Luci, known locally at the La Senorita de San Juan de los Lagos came to visit me the 2nd time. There where children & wildlife in the vision.

So this first image with all the children playing on the sign, is just kind of fun.

Different time thru the plaza, looking for clouds to make it nice.

20180305 Basilica church & Saint objects_01FB

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2018

2 thoughts on “20180305: 2 versions of the San Juan Saint posters

    • Thanks for commenting, Well, the church uses purple lights on it towers, kind of a signature colors, as you can see on the metal lettering & some of my night shots of that church. I could have either shrunk it all down to keep the title of the Church in “main perspective” & you are right I did leave the lettering covering too much in the #2 poster. I did lighten them up to stand out a little, maybe since I just did a couple as proofs I will see what locals think of the colors & adjust size and colors from there. Personally I am tired of that color set but with so many colors in the photo kids-stone tiles-vendors, it is not easy to see what will work. The Jalisco MX was hard to find a “tucked in color” and still be different, I was using the wood frame for a brown tone. But I need to try “Mexican appeal color sets” which are kind of different than the USA stuff I use to work with & while the homes can be quite wild, their posters are out of the 1990s style of work mostly & more bland. I do know that more people are crossing the street to look & buy my work, but yes, ever adjusting & learning. I did these rather quickly this morning & did not resize the lettering in #1 (kids) which I did consider & had just used the same set up for the #2 poster (it was actually the 1st one). Very nice feedback from you, thanks!


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