20180303: What is “Smart?”

20180303 who has a problem

With some many people in the world, screaming don’t talk, don’t question, don’t look, don’t think…

I have had a very rough & tough life. Any with no a SINGLE PERSON I can trust totally on anything, no close friend.

I have simply had to take control of my life. Working in 7 industries of employment & over 50 job titles, I’ve been there AND STILL DOING IT! Art, inventions, new markets, directions of markets, writer, photographer, philosopher, spiritual seer…

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2 thoughts on “20180303: What is “Smart?”

  1. Sometimes bragging how smart you are & how you have the answers for everything can be off putting. Listen more to people’s stories & keeping your IQ level to yourself will go a long way.


    • Thanks EXACTLY my point. I have found solutions to 99% of all problems to date. From creating the International Space Station to high speed hydro foil sailboats to cars & computers & government systems I have a history of proving my 200+IQ. Most people just brag about being smart & then have nothing to show for it. Yet 99% of all people tell me I can’t be smart because the governments (fascism systems) or their RELIGION does not give me approval to be smart. ha ha, anyone can challenge my history or question me, but the amount that run AWAY calling me names when I offer data is QUITE (quite TRUMPed like) AMUSING. Thank you for the comment. I never did get into bragging, I just need to increase my business world wide & must use the internet to exploit myself now.


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