20171120: KARMA, 5 dozen eggs, hum & yum!

OK, so the other day I did a small job for a neighbor…


While she paid me the money for the job, which I did not charge much being my neighbor, she also handed me these 60 eggs!

I laughed & complained that I had no refrigerator & it was too many. She smiled & said she works at a ranch & they give her eggs all the time at no cost, go share them.

I had been considering buying myself some eggs for the past couple of days as I had not had any for almost a year. This was a pleasant surprise to receive so many!

So I tried to offer someone some, but Adriana had given that person some a week before so she did not need them either.

Well, I like pickled eggs & know how to make them, some omelettes & the rest boiled to pickle!

The cooler weather will let me keep some for a few days for omelettes, but not more than 2-3 days. This also means I don’t have to buy some chicken yet either which was why I was considering buying some chicken or eggs.

I am vegan, mostly veges, fruit & beans, tortillas, cheese & breads, but some eggs or chicken or fish once in a while is nice change of pace.

Adriana does not speak English, so Alicia was translating for me & Adriana wanted to know about the pickling of eggs, so I will give her some after they are ready in a week or so.

Karma folks, eggs in my belly, not on my face.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2017

2 thoughts on “20171120: KARMA, 5 dozen eggs, hum & yum!

  1. great stuff… I’d have probably made six ten egg tortillas with onions and garlic!… they’d last a few days, and it is a breakfast, lunch and supper meal here in Spain. That would’ve got rid of them but sixty eggs in three days?!!!


    • ha ha, yes, I am doing about 5 eggs in an omelette with onions, chile peppers, garlic, ginger & a few spices or veges & cheese per day but a whole bunch went into the vinegar to pickle so I can have some for a few weeks as well. With the extra veges like sweet potatoes or white potatoes it takes me all day to eat it. I also get my tortillas from a vendor down the street where I can watch them come off the cooking machine hot & fresh as they grab my order of a half kilo (7 pesos MX) which takes me 2 days to eat. So good! YUm. thanks for the comment ¡Ten una buena cena!


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