20171031: Happy Halloween!

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A toast to you, whatever you drink water, tea, coffee, beer, tequila….

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20171027:MATH of ESP, TIME TRAVEL…

OK, I got this going pretty good now, and trying to keep it simple.

I hate listening to people who know very little but use “BIG words”, insults and Not data backed ideas to put forward their ideas…

So I am trying to keep it simple and lighthearted.

Explaining what REAL Time Travel would be, not what science-fiction/movies & science like to claim.

Part 1



Time Travel Explained Part 2

20171026: MATH of ESP Charlatan/FAKE prophecy IMAGE.

I am pointing out how for most people the “Image of a Bible preacher standing up in front of a crowd screaming “Hell, Fire & Brimstone” is the common idea  of a prophet.

Nothing could be FARTHER from the truth.

Nikola Tesla was a prophet & he was hated by the government & corporations.

Edisonon Tesla

Tesla & cellphone


Yes, so when you stop and look at things, what do you have?

This “fighting” that, everyone screaming “FAKE NEWS, FAKE PHOTOS, FAKE REPORTS”…

you have met your prophecies.

my take on it and why you need to change the IMAGE!

20171024: MATH of ESP, Power of Prophecy, Pt. 3 Imaging

As i continue to talk about the math and how it works in plain English, I am now discussing what Imaging is.

Again I use real life experiences.

20171024: Math of ESP, Power of Prophecy Pt. 2

To continue the lesson, adding more depth of this issue, again a short segment so I can put them on Youtube:

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20171023 Math of ESP. Power of Prophecy

OK, here is a little run down of what prophecy is, why lunatics say it has to be “exactly this” & of course they are very wrong.

I also tell how to create a change just a little bit. I kept this short so that I could put in on my Youtube channel. So the next video will go deeper in to the creation of a miracle.

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