20170918: A calendar for the Scorpio in your life!

2018 Escorpion Calendar_FB

Yes, Mexican Scorpions on a pile of “Escorpion”, the Spanish word for Scorpion.

I will also have the English version ready soon.

This is the graphic I did just for fun that is now a calendar for sale.


Again, I can mail it from here myself so I may set up my Zenfolio to accept the orders or you can place them here on this website. International mailing from here will vary in costs, but I do have the “PayPal Donation Button”, so if you want a 12 x18 inch poster sent to you worldwide, comment to me below or send me an email with you Country & mailing zip code so I can figure out the postage cost. It currently takes somewhere around 25 days of mail travel time to send a package to the USA, so all orders will be filled and shipped with at least 30 to 40 days before arrival at your door.

Contact email: vanderhoofpeter@yahooo.com

$9.95 (US$) PLUS postage ($15 to $20+ US$$) for a 12 inch x 18 inch 2018 calendar on 80lb business card stock paper.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2017

2 thoughts on “20170918: A calendar for the Scorpio in your life!

  1. It’s a great piece of art, but it’s a little too “busy” to practically use as a calendar because the days are so small and there is too much going on in/around the months. Too difficult to read the day numbers on some months.


    • Well the local people like it, and I have sold some already. With 44 years as a visual/graphic artist I have covered many fields and “remember” you are looking at a computer screen so while yes this image is busy, I am simply having fun making product. The Scorpio calendar is just for some fun to me. These 2 scorpions were roommates for several months, till the sticky mouse traps caught them. Some of my products over the years have sold for years & others are flops. That is fun of being an artist, Thank you for your input. I do enjoy your comments. And yes, using the rock background did make it a challenge to find ways making the dates stand out. I am my own worst boss, rarely settle for easy, love pushing the edge of creativity. Creative Endeavors & smiles to you too! 🙂


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