20161031: Halloween Treat! Photo E-book


This e-book is from being nice to someone. All photography, words and work & design of this PDF e-book is by me, Peter E. Vanderhoof.

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Sorry folks, could not help myself. If you get the joke, leave me a comment!

Happy Halloween to all!

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

20161029: Cee’s “Looking thru a Window” B/W Photo challenge.


TITLE: Emerging. Full moon rising. (Original is color, for Cee this is B/W)

Taken from a mining entrance several 100 feet up a mountain side I then grabbed my gear and went down to my campsite where and old car was waiting for my light painting fun.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2015


My walkover bridge, Reflections. Daily Prompt: Bridge


I walk along the river that passes through San Juan de los Lagos, this bridge is at the end of my street. So it is the starting point and ending point.

My timing was good to get the reflections just right on a day or so after a heavy rain filled the river bed.

Copyright Vanderhoof photography 2016

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20161028: Photo Challenge: Transmogrify


As a landscape photographer, I end up in some weird or lonely places.

In this photograph, I am coming back towards a highway several miles down the road yet, and over the mountains on the horizon is Death Valley.

Playing with colors, I transmogrified myself onto another planet or the Earth into another planet.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

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