20160617: When you Know you have too many Birds in the sky!!!


Last night, after the sun had set I witnessed this.

I had seen the night before too, while I am use to seeing “flocks of birds” flying through the skies.

This is different, the birds are all going in somewhat different patterns. Some coming as low as 1 meter over my head. Others as you can see are 400-500 feet or higher. YES while this is high 6400 ISO, every one of the “Black dots” is a bird!

There is no formation shapes.

This went on for maybe 20 minutes.

My only memory of such weird flying is in the minutes preceding an earthquake. No feeling of a quake have been felt by me. Nor my usual habit of feeling like I should fasten everything down. I lived in Southern Calif & Northern Calif through several large earthquake and many same ones. I am aware of earthquakes enough to wake up a minute or two before one strikes.

Any way, I will try for a sharper image but spinning the dials I dropped to 1/100 of a second here and this is the best “birds!” shot.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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