20160825: Storm Clouds, my spirits rise!

20160824 river full-5987FB

Out fro a walk yesterday, of all the shots this is my favorite. River full but down a couple feet from the other day, storm coming in on the left, a big thunderhead in a patch of blue sky. Nothing better than a dramatic sky to brighter up a landscape photographer’s day!

20160823: Rain Season oh my!

20160822 river full-150751FB

It has been raining pretty good around here. Couple days ago I crossed the foot bridge and the river looked like this. Notice all the green vegetation floating down stream. From the night’s storm.

Couple months ago I shot this photo of the same bend in the river.

20160822 river full-4801FB

A local says it has been 5 years or more since they saw this much rain.

Photography copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

20160822: Street Light Sign

20160821 camera street shots-192142FB

Outside the herbalist shop, the clouds playing, I took this with my cellphone. Tried to get the light empty sign frame and clouds just right and standing in the street not get run over. Will try again with the Canon some day.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

20160822: Monday morning funnies!

Street Photography, but by the camera deciding to take a shot, as you can see, my vest is in the view.

20160821 camera street shots-5968FB

The above shot is just outside the walk-thru tunnel I use. Across the street is a bus stop, can be very busy. I always carry my camera out and on, so these are shots by the camera shutter just getting hit.

20160821 camera street shots-5973fb

The corner where this lady is out cleaning the street & sidewalk every day. The business behind her sells fried tortillas.

20160821 camera street shots-5942FB

A main street as I headed in up the street, walking in the street.

20160821 camera street shots-5940FB

Yep, traffic gets close as I walk around.

20160821 camera street shots-5939FB

I think my camera likes this spot, the motor scooter shot is outside this place too.

20160821 camera street shots-5943FB

But it also took this shot as well. I cropped this a bit, too much shadow in the foreground.

20160821 camera street shots-5975fb

The red & white sign is at the entry to the Bakery shop just up the way from my home. I stop in often, if I don’t see my “pan man cart go by”. Note the 4 wheeler, I am going to have some fun shooting the vehicles of this town one of these days. A 4 wheeler in the streets is a common sight.

As you can see my camera so often carried is straight up & down most the time. Like I said this is just the shutter getting bumped and tripping off a shot. In the days of film, we would cuss such stuff.

Digital world, I get to share some bloopers that are fun if not kind of nice and some are places I wanted to shoot anyway.

All photography copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016


20160821: Flowers, a star in my day’s walk

20160821 street flowers-145842FB

Walking back from a small store to get some tortillas, I saw these little stars.

A bright moment worth sharing.

Lovingkindness energy to all.

Creative shooting, (cellphone photo)

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

20160821: Fresh fruit for lunch

20160821 street flowers-5980FB

Cactus fruit, 3 flavors.

Lunch time or Breakfast time and on these hot days so refreshing.

Creative shooting,

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016




20160818: Street Flowers

2016081street flowers-5969FB

Just my pretty flowers again,

2016081street flowers-5971FB

and a local having breakfast on another flower a few feet down the road.

Creative shooting & lovingkindness energy to all

20160817: Ghost in the hills.

Trona Pinnacles light panting

I use a remote trigger, so here I am walking down from checking a flash unit. Trona Pinnacles 2015

I am but a ghost on a hill here.

My respect for this place, makes this an appropriate image of me.

Like Walt Whitman, leave only foot prints behind.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2015



20160815 VIDA tee-shirts look nice.

20160815 Julia with shirt

My cousin Julia in a VIDA tee-shirt, she just got them.

Custom made to order, my photos on them. Takes a month or more to get them all together and shipped.

She will let me know how the handle hand washing, but says ghe quality of the stiching and material was good.

My other designs she bought;

stary night

natulis shirt

sunset skies

Look pretty nice. I am going back to work on these files and finish uploading them.

Will let you know more soon.

Lovingkindness energy to all,

and a special thank you to Julia for buying these and letting me know how they turned out.