20160822: Monday morning funnies!

Street Photography, but by the camera deciding to take a shot, as you can see, my vest is in the view.

20160821 camera street shots-5968FB

The above shot is just outside the walk-thru tunnel I use. Across the street is a bus stop, can be very busy. I always carry my camera out and on, so these are shots by the camera shutter just getting hit.

20160821 camera street shots-5973fb

The corner where this lady is out cleaning the street & sidewalk every day. The business behind her sells fried tortillas.

20160821 camera street shots-5942FB

A main street as I headed in up the street, walking in the street.

20160821 camera street shots-5940FB

Yep, traffic gets close as I walk around.

20160821 camera street shots-5939FB

I think my camera likes this spot, the motor scooter shot is outside this place too.

20160821 camera street shots-5943FB

But it also took this shot as well. I cropped this a bit, too much shadow in the foreground.

20160821 camera street shots-5975fb

The red & white sign is at the entry to the Bakery shop just up the way from my home. I stop in often, if I don’t see my “pan man cart go by”. Note the 4 wheeler, I am going to have some fun shooting the vehicles of this town one of these days. A 4 wheeler in the streets is a common sight.

As you can see my camera so often carried is straight up & down most the time. Like I said this is just the shutter getting bumped and tripping off a shot. In the days of film, we would cuss such stuff.

Digital world, I get to share some bloopers that are fun if not kind of nice and some are places I wanted to shoot anyway.

All photography copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016


All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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