20160812: Old boots, almost retiring time…Vasque Breeze GTX review

20160811 old boots-5949FB

Not sure how many years these boots have on them, I think I bought them in 2013…

UPDATE 20160817: at the bottom is a screen shot of the Vasque Review, they recommend having the boots resoled by a person In Seattle, Washington. In case anyone else needs to have their boots done.

UPDATE 20160813:  Inside the Boots

20160813 inside boot-5968FBNot much wear showing inside…


But as the heels show, the sole has worn through, they are kind of slick on on the wet streets. But I have found that the Vasque Breeze (GTX) hiking boots are some of the most comfortable boots I have had. Soft enough to wear all day, water proof to the almost the top, there is a little gap so the tongue has flexibility. I do find them a bit hot in the troical weather I am in here in Mexico, but with the unpredictable terrain, they are valuable to wear. Thinsulate linings are in a good state, no worn out. With 3 years on them, I am glad I bought a 2nd pair 2 years ago. Vasque Breeze II GTX

And as you can see, the uppers are also showing the miles of deserts, high mountains, mushy meadows, streams, snow, long hours in the nights shooting stars, never knowing what I might step in and city life they have traveled.

20160811 old boots-5950FB

At $169.00 USD, even the shoelaces are the original, none of the hooks have broken, and never one to be easy on equipment, I have hard time saying it time to Retire.

I am hoping to put the new ones in service when I change continents at the end of the year.

Here is a link to the company’s site on these shoes. NOPE, I nothing to with the company or selling this product.


Creative Shooting to all.

Please make comment about your favorite boots in the links, we all like different boots for different reason, just as we shoot with different perspectives…

Vasque replied, accepted review


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