20160808: Photojournalism, lesson in getting the shot. Shoot 1st!

As an old {very old} newshound, I have always as a Photography Editor or just being a photographer, told “Get the shot!” Pay enough attention to get that shot, then worry about cleaning it up for a Pulitzer Prize.

Here is the cleaned up “shot” of some very Wanted shots of a rainbow.

2016080 Quinta final-5640flatFB

2016080 Quinta final-5640FB

2016080 Quinta final-5643FB2016080 Quinta final-5643flatFB

As you can see, while I will not ‘claim’ great in Photoshop tricks, having used Photoshop since 1994, I can do a little with it.

As a landscape photographer, I know rainbows can last hours or seconds, nothing to let you know which it will be.

I grabbed shots, and when we went upstairs for these and other shots, {I have 15 different subject & compositions final photos up here}, I did not notice the rain drops on the lens.

Instead of re-doing all the shots, it was noticed after a few frames, we then ran downstairs and got some of the double rainbow in front of the reflecting pond again and a couple others.

But by the time we got down stairs the rain was hard enough that no one wanted to be in it and the rainbows had faded.

However, I did also get this,

2016080 Quinta final-5633softOvalFB

and this,

2016080 Quinta final-5635FB

While still having time to get this,

2016080 Quinta final-5620FB

Yes, the church steeple in the background by the young lady’s leg was ‘wanted’ in the shot, as well as the just beginning rainbow.

Move fast, learn your camera, no matter how basic it is, and don’t be worrying about “Perfect photos”, that cost 10 or 15 minutes a shot… This client will also have another 15 shots with the clouds in the background before they went flat grey and uninteresting. Of several locations, and subject.

Craftsmen want perfection…

Artists want expressive, flavorful captures in whatever medium they choose.

Creative shooting folks, and please leave comments below. My clients & I both love the inaction with you.

And yes, I am still invited to go back for more shots & my signature nightscapes.

All photographs copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016



All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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