20160807: Quinta, Rainbow shots & family fun….

2016080 Quinta final-5635FB

The upstairs arches on the left, running down to get this shot. The storm was moving fast and towards us…. We had shot the single rainbow earlier then went upstairs for the brick arches, only to run back down for the ‘double rainbow’ shots….

Double arch rainbow!

2016080 Quinta final-5633fb

With so much going on in the background, and so to have fun with. An artist’s delight & nightmare…

2016080 Quinta final-5620fb

Is it any wonder why the young ladies were playing around too? Ricardo will lie the fact I got his church steeple in this shot and the clouds/rain/rainbow help accent the motions.

2016080 Quinta final-5596FRB

as you can see the rainbow was just forming, & as a landscape photography, I knew we had to grab whatever it was going to offer. Moving fast to setup and get the shots, then move quickly to another location, set & run again. Glad I am still in shape at 58 yrs. old.

2016080 Quinta final-5593FB

and of course, a spiritual property should have an overseer who is proud of the land itself.

2016080 Quinta final--2FB


Ricardo and a favorite cactus!

2016080 Quinta final-5624fb

From one arch to another, brickwork with such flavor…. and of course some beautiful women.

2016080 Quinta final-5605fb

While I have an issue with the plant in the sky, USA pro background, “it interferes” it is “Growing out of the building”, a standard of Mexican architecture. So for now it stays.

2016080 Quinta final-5607FB

A bit hard to keep it defined, but yes, there is a church steeple in the background that Ricardo wanted that in the shot. The young ladies were only to happy to play around in front of the camera……

an upstairs shot, kind-of-saved…

2016080 Quinta final-5643FB

All photography copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016


All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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