20160805: My local business card… new design

20160804 1st test design

Well, Ricardo wants some business cards and my old one has my last name twice as they were done at a time when family members might have been a part of my business.

But I am just me, doing my thing, so here is the close to final design.

Ricardo did happen to be in yesterday evening when I when to get a proof so he made some changes to the grammar of my dyslexic Spanish, and I need to go see him a little later to see if I got things right before printing.

And yes, Because I have to deal with being in Mexico while a stupid Donald Trump is opening his arrogant mouth the “El Gringo” is on purpose…..

I am well aware “gringo” is an insult to USA citizens by Mexicans.

The blue dash line is the cut line for those of you with no graphic design background.

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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