20160804: Quinta, the upper Rainbow shots & fun stuff

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5666FB

The relaxed shot of a happy client.

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5699FB

Like a lot of countries with heavy military present in daily life, it is hard to get these people to smile a true deep smile. I got her at that moment.

and when the props are at your finger tips…

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5675FB

why resist??

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5673FB

unfortunately, the other direction  the clouds were not as nice, but…

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5669FB


I took several of these next shots, so into the scene I did not see the water on the lens. Still working on some of them. The background is to varied to make cut and pasting, cloning and healing brush work well.

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-FB

But I did save a couple.

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post--3FB

As you can see the post I could repair, the skyline however is going to take some work if anything is possible. Also the young lady in the middle is missing a foot due to a drop of water so this will get cropped to the waist or half way up to the knees.

Still in 5 hours of shooting, this rainbow was up there as a ‘double rainbow’ long enough to get to several spots and shoot. Landscape photographers know how rare that is.

Rainbows like young children come to play and run away just as quickly,

laughing as they go!

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post--2FB

A man proud of the land he owns and oversees.

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5755FB

A private sanctuary, and still time & place to laugh and smile!

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5765FB

This shot is one I took for me, I need to redesign my business card. While I am still considering the design, for the locals this would be a nice background statement.

20160804 Quinta DoubleRainbow shoot post-5710FB

I hope you, the viewers, are enjoying these photos as much as Ricardo & his family are.

Me, I am just enjoying my spiritual connection with this planet and my abilities to share them with the lives I touch in my passing through.

Please leave comments and questions for me to share with the family & others. The fact I was able to share a comment from a Venezuela resident of how beautiful the land is & that person’s thought of it wonderful enough to be a movie set, still bring smiles to all our faces here in the outskirts of San Juan de los Lagos, Jal.

All photography copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

Lovingkindness energy to all & Creative shooting!

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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