20160802: Quinta family shots… oh my, what fun!

20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof-5787FB

As I said yesterday these yellow flowers were a hit with the whole family.

20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof-5792FB

20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof-5802FB

20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof-5776FB

20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof-5805FB

20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof-5804FB

20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof-5820FB


20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof-5893FB

20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof-5873FB

and by the way, this is in front of the “banos”, bathrooms…. very nice, and you can see why I “felt the energy of private place, but not exactly spiritual”…. and yes I plan to re-shoot this shot, a little more depth of field and I will use 2 flashes much higher up to push the shadows down behind everyone…. working fast and a little rusty on people shots.

It was getting late, they all wanted me to take a break and it was getting dark so some of them had to head home.

20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof--3FB

20160801 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof-5569layer son faceFB

20160802 Quinta 2nd shoot semiproof--2FB

As you can see we ran around for quite a while finding way too many fun places to shoot.

These are more shots , I am in the editing department for next day or so…. and posting these so he can call friends and tell them to see them.

Professionally, speaking for my own, I think I can shot people just a little bit,.

What do you think?

Please leave me comments below, Ricardo & family are enjoying this as much as I am.

On LinkedIn, I got a comment from Venezuela of someone think this would be nice for a movie set. Spiritual energies as such on the property, I don’t think it would be proper, but oh my such a nice complement to share with Ricardo’s family.

Lovingkindness energy to all & Creative shooting!

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