20160801: Quinta, 2nd shoot, couple stars, Rainbow & firefly

20160801 Quinta 2nd shoot-5937FB

Hand-held, 1.3 sec shutter, f/3.2, ISO 25600, Tamron 28-75mm

Yes, hand held. The client and I were calling it a night, I spotted a light just off over the reflecting pond and as it popped out another lit up. Fireflies!!!

So I grabbed the camera, equipment all loaded up, I just had to see if I could get a shot, so while blurry, I spent a few minutes running fast to hand hold the “still” camera and see if, Like a shooting star I could be in the right direction with the camera, as well as give the client an idea of what we would get if the clouds were clear for a night.

Got one, the yellow squiggly line, my one & only of a firefly.

20160801 Quinta 2nd shoot-5930FB

While these are fast edits, I got home at midnight, shooting for 5 hours. The firefly is that yellow streak. They were blue to my eyes, and I shoot daylight RAW all the time for more color in my skies & sunset.

The clouds were too thick to even get a nice sunset, but we did get some nice shots.

20160801 Quinta 2nd shoot-5628FB

20160801 Quinta 2nd shoot-5848FB

20160801 Quinta 2nd shoot-5757FB

The inside of the private church.

20160801 Quinta 2nd shoot-5917FB

20160801 Quinta 2nd shoot-5901FB

As the last of family members left, I was told to take a break and get some water…. only for a minute before I saw this and grabbed gear to shoot it. Ricardo & I walked around doing more. I drank my water as we did some of the night shots.

We will be going back again, several times if needed for the astrophotography shots.

20160801 Quinta 2nd shoot-5933FB

again a hand-held 1.3sec shutter, but this is the idea of the next shot without the clouds…

20160801 Quinta 2nd shoot-5574FB

20160801 Quinta 2nd shoot-5793FB

Like me, the yellow flowers were a hit, a lot of single and portrait shots here.

As the rain and wild winds were wiping around rain drops go on the lens, I have some editing to do yet, but,

20160801 Quinta 2nd shoot-5659FB

20160801 Quinta 2nd shoot-5639FB

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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