20160725: Copystand vistor

20160724 bug on copystand-215518FB

A makeshift copystand, and a piece of screen over the door way, bugs still get in. the clamp holding the white cardstock to the light stand has a small beatle by it.

I refused to break out another camera as the macro lens was on the copystand camera, and it was around midnight… no distractions please, I want to finish copying my book.

Cellphone time, however it could not handle, my trying to get in close and the bug moving around, but I did get a couple shots

20160724 bug on copystand-215505FB

and when it was down by the book,

20160724 bug on copystand-221108FB

never landing on the lens or book pages….

I finished my work and put it outside…

All fuzzy photographs copyrighted Vanderhoof Photography 2016

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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