20160721: still a child, old & gray, Gotta’ Play!

20160721 Quinta Poster playtime

20160722 Update:

a spelling error, u, nogt an -o- in andalus.  And the client decided he likes it but wanted the Moon & Star at the top. As well as the photograph of the image & arches. More of His statement of the property.  Otherwise he was as “bright eye-ed” as a child in a candy store.

Not a problem, adjusted and will deliver a proof late today.


I was going through my graphic design elements, kind of reminding myself what I had left.

I was looking for something that might work fro Ricardo’s labels. Found plenty…

However as I was moving stuff around to play & see which pieces allowed what, I found myself designing this little piece. 4hrs later this is the result, yep 2am I shut it down and crawled in bed, back up at 7am.

The roots of graphic design, so 42 yrs deep & the wonderful energies of this property and Ricardo, just kind of moved in and I hope he likes it as much as do.

Enjoy the view folks, cus’ I sure do & love I to share!

Photography & graphic work Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016


All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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