20160716: old fart photog, so yeah, B/W conversions of the 1 & half hour shoot!

20160715 Ricardo casa-4947_color knockoutFB

OK, so I love these red flowers, what can I say….

on the other hand……. as an “old fart photographer” who started doing B/W darkroom work at 15 & my own darkroom at 16yr old……. no frigging way I was not going to turn some of this into black & white conversions.

Please enjoy the views!

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4953FB

I could correct some of the trash I did not have time to go clean up. Black & white less issue of color matching. But wow, I want to light paint this place, maybe even get a model or two out here for a day!

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4977FB

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4934FB

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4923FB

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4983FB

the above shot is going to get stars through the opening, even if I have to put a pot of flowers in the position of these now growing. dim light painting and a Milky Way? This maybe facing north, nope did not stop to look at my compass, just shot like crazy!

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4952FB

3-4 models, spaced along this???

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4963FB

wagon my tail…..

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4914FB

hole shot, knew I wanted this in B/W.

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4920FB

and this………

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4950FB

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4913FB

still like that palm frond coming down, completes the circle of the left cloud & evergreens pushing up.

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4985FB

the other wagon shot, too much fun folks, I got to go BACK!

All photographs Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016


3 thoughts on “20160716: old fart photog, so yeah, B/W conversions of the 1 & half hour shoot!

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