20160712: old fart photographer, proves cross training is better. hacker job!

20160711 laptop hack post-4875FB

20160713: 2 photos added, of repairs, inside shot & bottom cutting job.

As a person who has been forced to use a internet CAFE WITH TINY tables, the risks caught up.

Saturday, the 9th I spilled coffee on my laptop and later after drying everything I could and turning it back on it shut down suddenly and would not stay on.

Packed & ran home, I pulled the spare unit apart.

20160711 laptop hack post-4873FB1st time ever inside a laptop folks, and I am happy to say, “My solo-handed around the world sailing training paid off.

Over the next 3 days I was in and out of my computer, the spare computer and NEVER BROKE A SINGLE PIECE.

I did live up to my claim of Anonymous hacker in the end and I still have issues to deal with.

But the mother board is shorted on the big fan, so I have made a external unit and switched the wires around to make the big fan run on the little fan’s sensor & wires.

I have here some photos of the cooling radiators and I consider it an issue any owner of this computer might want to give serious thought to if like me they take the unit into the field. Or you live in a dusty house.

20160711 laptop hack post-4879FB20160711 laptop hack post-4878FB20160711 laptop hack post-4874FBThe last images is the spare after I cleaned it up, very fine slots.

Here is my external unit…… many hours of working and thinking and brain storming by myself in my room. Looking at what I had to use to  “JURY RIG” a cooling system with.

Many hours of going through the computer changing one part at a time trying it, and the putting that part back and trying the next piece…

I took this and it runs by USB plug power so I can plug into the computer itself or use a battery pack from my camera light painting kit & camping supplies.



20160711 laptop hack  post-4887FB

Yes the panel over the hard drives is cut open to let the air in. Inside is duct work by me to direct air flow and with about an hour on the laptop as I write this the bottom where the graphics chips & CPU  is at, is still cool to the touch.

I put wire screen over the hole to keep bugs out, and yesterday after 4 hrs in the CAFE it was cool to the touch and I shut it down to go have lunch. I had to open it up to fix a loose ribbon wire connecting the keyboard.

20160711 laptop hack  post-4886FBIn this shot you can see the wire running from the left smaller fan’s plug to the Right side bigger fan & the metal duct work to keep air flowing through the radiator on the left side from the external unit.

I have thanked the CREATOR, both for the strength to carry on in this event, the patience to have done the job, and for a tiny vision dream of a jury rig system, ugly to look at but working on something needed for another person. So yes, if I continued I would have a working possible system for a while.

I also said “THANK YOU” to the local Saint, {La Senorita de San Juan de los Lagos} to me it is “LUCI”, I asked it’s name some weeks ago. While I am forbidden by my vows to ask for It’s help because of the church connection I can not stop it from lending a helping hand”. Therefore I feel I must say thanks in respect in the very least for been in the neighborhood.

_MG_4889FBYeah, I an arrogant here, but yes, there is is on my tiny table running Vanderhoof Photo blog on screen, as I got ready to publish my story.

I should also as for a moment I am being spiritual, I send am email to my son, my intent to see if he remembers it was my lap he sat on as I worked on the Mac system when he was 6 months to 3 or 4 yrs old and got him is own computer…. I’m a Dad and he is my only child, some day I would love for him to remember why he told me to never stop trying to get him back from the kidnappers.

anyway, here is my running laptop as I opened it up, yes, that Anonymous Tux with Smiley is my marking.

20160711 laptop hack post-4875FBas you can see there is dust, but no water/coffee marks as I opened it up. Noticed my tools and workshop!!! Just where you want to do such delicate work, yes…. oh, yes the spare is on my bed. where it got disassembled because this was cooling down still. About 3 hours after the accident at the CAFE, the pieces of laptop shot was taken. Out at sea, you didn’t have time to cry, TILL AFTER THE JOB IS DONE.

20160711 laptop hack post-4877FBthe big fan unit

20160711 laptop hack post-4876FBthe smaller unit, which runs.

So the moral of the story is “Don’t Give Up!” Keep Trying!” Learn All Kinds of trades & tricks to survive, you never know when or WHAT YOU WILL NEED TO DO to survive.

While I did not pull the motherboard out if the running unit, the circuit board holding the big fans had to get removed every time and was replaced & the small board under the mother board it plugs into was also replaced… each exchange was worse…… you got me folks, I don’t program, dyslexic, but the spare clean board did not let the either fan run??

And my keyboard is is telling me, a strap wire is loose…

Going home later to fix that again……

Lovingkindness Energy to All,



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