20160730: Quinta shoot rescheduled, a lone flower for fun.

20160730 lone flower-5538FB

The rainy season is on in strong force….

The Thursday shoot of Quinta property was cancelled and we are going to try tomorrow.

I personally am running out of money in hand, so I will not be online all that often for a few days or so. Unless I find something in my possessions to sell for next to nothing.

Amusing to have made 2250 peso an hr in USA last year and I am too Expensive to hire in this town at 60 peso an hr…. 18 peso to the dollar folks.

This is a nice little flower, up my street, just reaching for sunlight. I enjoyed the shadow play on it.

Lovingkindness energy to all & Creative shooting!

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016



20160727: So far the Quinta Shoot is on…

20160715 Ricardo casa B-W-4925FB

So yesterday I searched my remains of equipment from the Dec.2015 accident, I have the equipment to make it happen. Ricardo said yesterday it was still on.

However the landlord and the people living in my little courtyard units, HAD A HUGE LAUGH at my asking for respect because I have Rev. 2:17, the highest Ranked MARK of Spirituality and Spiritual Connect in the Entire BIBLE. Many laughs at calling the police o me. I am loco because I do not “forgive them so THEY CAN STEAL AGAIN AND AGAIN…”


I am spiritual, we teach lessons, not forgive till dead as a martyr…..

Yeah, I may be dead or in prison before I get to do what if nothing else is one of the technically challenging photographs I have ever tried, and ever seen by another photographer in print or web.

A family GROUP SHOT & Milky Way/Stars with a light painted House & a Reflecting pond…

Anyone knowing of this ever being done, PLEASE POST A COMMENT OR LINK TO SUCH A PHOTOGRAPH. Not HDR or layering, a SINGLE SHOT! Use of PhotoShop & LightRoom is fine. But light must have balanced in the RAW to start WITH.

Which the blessing of the spirits I will get to finish this shoot.

Creative shooting and Lovingkindness energy to All.

20160726: a little of my black & white background Jane English

20160724 Lao Tsu Tao te Ching-5335FB

20160724 Chuang Tsu Inner Chptr-5127FB

At 16 yrs old, I got the Jane English Tao Te Ching & companion volume Inner Chapters.

The writing were so simple I could not understand WHY HUMANS made their life so difficult…

I spent more Time studying the photographs, BECAUSE I GOT MY 1ST darkroom for the same birthday.

I have had a camera in my hands since 4 yrs old…. a renter/friend of the family living with us showed me his HASSELBLAD… I knew I wanted to learn to run one of those or what ever I go afford to get, the INSTANT I saw the camera……..

Never had a Hasselblad in my hands, but I go shoot what ever I get with my best spiritual being in memory of that day…..

Creative shooting to all.

20160725: Copystand vistor

20160724 bug on copystand-215518FB

A makeshift copystand, and a piece of screen over the door way, bugs still get in. the clamp holding the white cardstock to the light stand has a small beatle by it.

I refused to break out another camera as the macro lens was on the copystand camera, and it was around midnight… no distractions please, I want to finish copying my book.

Cellphone time, however it could not handle, my trying to get in close and the bug moving around, but I did get a couple shots

20160724 bug on copystand-215505FB

and when it was down by the book,

20160724 bug on copystand-221108FB

never landing on the lens or book pages….

I finished my work and put it outside…

All fuzzy photographs copyrighted Vanderhoof Photography 2016

20160724: Chile Relleno: my style on camp stove. Pretty food shots…

20160723 Chile relleno 2 post-5532FB
OK, so yes folks, I did go back and do my relleno again, the fast post was fun, but, yeah, the presentation of food is most than half of the the flavor.

20160723 Chile relleno 2 post-5533FB
So as I started to cook, I also did do some photos.
I was a cook at a Bar & Grill in Marla Bay of the south end of Lake Tahoe, Nevada. While people did comment my pizzas were works of art, I think the fact that Bill Cosby, yes the man going down in flames because of his behavior, did speak on the stage of Harraha’s Stateline Casino of my cooking skills, my flashing lights headband and Sam’s Place. For some 10-15 minutes! This place is a locals only type place. While drunks might be shown a taxi, we used a simple technic to empty the place for locals. “Last Call”… Sam’s was 24hr.

Locals knew we never closed and just sipped their drinks as tourists left.

My shift started at 11pm. THE Locals Halloween Party’s started about 2am Nov. 1, as all the Calif. bars closed and staff came wandering in their customers from working the shift. About 4am Country Comfort, a Darts Bar, closed, they were 100 yds. away. I left about 10am, packed costumer party in full swing. The bartender & I laughed at the stares of a beer delivery person walking in to deliver. With 4 pool tables & 3 rooms a 25 person awesome curved bar, Sam’s was packed, music booming and most everyone in costume. I returned at 11pm that night, Halloween Party still lively and mostly packed house in costume STILL. What am amusing place to work. I have no record or person how can claim I was ever sober for long during that time. Each shift part your pay was 2 drinks on the house, and as much as you could drink and still do your job.
So yeah, I can cook and enjoy doing so.
In these photos, I do a better job of seeing the chiles and before they are blacken by the cooking fire. I also adjusted the recipe cooking time.

20160723 Chile relleno 2 post-5534FB
I put the chiles in just after the onions start to “clear”, and curcuma, black pepper, ginger, garlic, red onion, little oregano are the saute veges. I left in a few seeds in each pepper to raise the heat level.
The chiles have some of the mixture in the point, the cheese, the mix again.
The cheese, queso, “Oaxaca”. A bit more moisture in it than mozzarella string cheese, but same long melt hold together. As you can see it does not come of the peppers, and when I buy it. It is a small ball of cheese in a string, find the end and unroll what you need.
Camp stove under is cooking, so as I turned them up and saw the charring, and colors, heck why not make a sweet shot for Brent. He is an artist too.20160723 Chile relleno 2 post-5537FB
Might like the second effort.
The peppers are not pressed flat like most places, the saute get under them and each side gets it’s marks. In the last shot, you can see the saute veges are crisp or more. cooking time 15-20 minutes.
By the way, yep, the curcuma/black pepper, ginger & capsaicin are all part of my pain management system. If you have to take pain medicine every day like I do, this is a lot for fun to deal with than bottles of pills.

All photography Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

20160723 16-35mm f/2.8 “L” is ALIVE!

20160715 Ricardo casa-9371FB - Copy

As I get ready to shoot the night photography of this place, I was picking up my Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 “L” zoom lens, knowing it was the lens I wanted to use for this shoot.

But being the lens I broke in HALF a couple years ago and REPAIRED, it has issues of not connecting electronics wise and had for almost year has been waiting for me to be somewhere with the monies to ship it to Canon to repair again.

Yes. broke it in half on a night shoot. I let go of the tripod turned and then the crash. I turned back to see the beam of my headlamp showing the lens bouncing down the mountain side. I saw the camera at at my feet and “This going to hurt.”

Well I pulled it slightly apart yesterday, and was only able to clean some dust from a place that was important for electric connects. Closed it up.

Put it on the camera, hit the shutter and heard the whole cycle, It Worked!

I went outside and hit the shutter twice more, both shots worked proper, and the image on the LCD showed clean in focus.

I put the Lens away, if it only works for a 2 more shots, they will be at THIS Spiritual property.

The shot above is one of the ones I am planning to have fun with… Ricardo even asked if I had my “colored lights” he had seen in other shots…. {patience, patience, patience} I told him, “Yes! lots of gels left.” We will have fun! {above with my Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 Macro lens. The other Favorite lens.

I guess the Spirits agree, this place deserves the Best I can do.

Lovingkindness energy to All,

Creative shooting.


20160721: still a child, old & gray, Gotta’ Play!

20160721 Quinta Poster playtime

20160722 Update:

a spelling error, u, nogt an -o- in andalus.  And the client decided he likes it but wanted the Moon & Star at the top. As well as the photograph of the image & arches. More of His statement of the property.  Otherwise he was as “bright eye-ed” as a child in a candy store.

Not a problem, adjusted and will deliver a proof late today.


I was going through my graphic design elements, kind of reminding myself what I had left.

I was looking for something that might work fro Ricardo’s labels. Found plenty…

However as I was moving stuff around to play & see which pieces allowed what, I found myself designing this little piece. 4hrs later this is the result, yep 2am I shut it down and crawled in bed, back up at 7am.

The roots of graphic design, so 42 yrs deep & the wonderful energies of this property and Ricardo, just kind of moved in and I hope he likes it as much as do.

Enjoy the view folks, cus’ I sure do & love I to share!

Photography & graphic work Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016


20160719: Freedom of the Press…

20160719 Updated Mark Twain quote

With the USA so deep into corruption, and the masses already giving up, “where’s my beer and hot dog?  Honey!”

Mass media Major league Sports mentality.

So a meme, to remind the Artists to step up the game, not throw in the TOWEL.


20160718: Quinta e-book in composing department

20160722 Quinta Visual Pleasure e-book scrgrab20160722 Update, Correction of the name, had a “o” where it should be a “u”. andalus


I am going back to light paint the place & shoot stars…….

The client wants a group shot with Stars… Oh my! what a delightful challenge and a spiritually beautiful place too.

Standard $15 pdf download.

20160718:Creative dinner, yeah I cook.

20160717 Relleno chile post-5008FB

My dinner the other night. Tired of my saute veges. When I was doing some vege shopping saw the relleno peppers, well I hoped they were.

So yes, I bought a couple. Then stuff cheese into them. I started with red& white onions, ginger, garlic, and a few other items, in the pan to saute. At the half way point I put the rellenos in and continued to cook. Camp stove folks, not a kitchen, final dish was great and as you can see, relleno sans eggs. I never did like the breaded style anyway.

See being creative works everywhere!

Creative shooting.