20160626: Bee’s Butt Sunday!

20160626 San Juan post-4789FB

I have seen these flowers from across the street as I did my walking. So I came by with the camera, while not wanting to climb the wall had some fun. I came in for a close up of the purple flower and noticed the bug crawling around inside the other flowers. So I waited to get a “bug in flower” shot. Then as it flew off I hit the shutter again not seeing where it flew off to. As you can see the bee is looking in the direction of the purple flower and right over it. The bee’s butt is toward the camera & fairly sharp in focus.

20160626 San Juan post-4788FB

Kind of hard to see but straight up above the “t” in straight on an orange flower about the top of my purple flower level.

Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

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