20160618: Question on UFO in night sky.

Yesterday I made mention of the light looking like an passenger airliner with it’s wings front landing lights on, to a group I joined.20160617 UFO lights post-8896duoBloodFB2
Here is an example I came across editing last night
I was shooting the Super Blood Moon Eclipse in Valley of Fire, Nv. USA. As the night progressed and the clouds made an annoyance of themselves, I was playing with the Canon 6D controls.
The bright lights are of the commercial size airliner, freight or passengers, the wing lights are on and you can see the glow in the clouds in front of the airplane.
Farther to the right you see a more dotted line of lights on an airplane.
This is the more standard frame of lines you get from airplanes, the wing tip lights blinking and running lights on, but the wing front landing lights are off.
And the inset image is of the previous frame. You can see the forward progress of each plane, while moon, stars are relatively still, clouds show a little motion. High level winds, clouds came in 5 hours before the eclipse, this is about an hour after full eclipse. Time of inset 08:29:39PM & Time of main frame 08:29:55PM, both frames data-ISO 10000, f/4.5 8.0 sec 35mm, The Blood Moon inset was at 07:32:23PM ISO 16000, 294mm f/6.3 3.2sec shutter, and I cropped in for the inset too.
Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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