20160604: ah, Joe’s favorite tree & it’s flowers

20160604 San Juan post-1547FB

Was over visiting Joe, his tree is having a wonder time. And the fragrance is very nice too. Hate chemical air freshners….

20160604 San Juan post-1548FB

However, as you can see, the flowers are “UP THERE”, so I found a bar stool and stood on it, pulled down a branch and street photography style held up the camera over my head and shot till I decided it was decent.

We also noticed he has leave cutter ants……..

20160604 San Juan post-1549FB

20160604 San Juan post-1551FB

While these ants are tending aphids so they are not the leave cutters, you can see how bare the branches are getting.

All photography copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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