20160517: Street shooting San Juan de los Lagos

20160517 san juan street photo post-1431FB

I went for a walk, needed to find my curcuma again.  I knew that there was a store up hotel row.

Street photography on a Monday is not too bad. Foot traffic is light, and I got to shoot into deeper stalls. What a riot of colors, of course you are going to get approached by the caramela vending women. Not sure what the woman said to me, but the cat calls and chuckles of the near stalls, I’m sure the woman asked “If I wanted something SWEET.” I did not turn around, just waved my hand and said “Nada.” Not sure but she may have eaten a bite of her own caramela before she said “Adios” to me.

20160517 san juan street photo post-1418

I keep reminding the readers it is dangerous.

20160517 san juan street photo post-1421
In this shot you can see the young lady is sitting side saddle on the motorscooter. She also looks a few months pregnant. Which explains the side saddle.

20160517 san juan street photo post-1427FB

20160517 san juan street photo post-1425

While the front of these stores are often only 10 or 15 ft wide, as you can see they go a long ways back sometimes.

20160517 san juan street photo post-1419FB

20160517 san juan street photo post-1430

In this shot, I just saw the yellow detail on the red brick building and the woman coming up with a red and blue top. I tried to get her before she passed the old woman and then got this shot.

anyway, just so you know I get out once in a while.

I am shooting my Canon 6D, Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8  standard setting ISO 800, 1/320 sec, f/11. This lets me get into the darker stalls and with a little lightroom work balance it all out, for the daylight. Enough f/stop to let me carry in my left hand, thumb on the trigger and push to 28mm & infinity focus (manual).  Most the time I’m close to straight and as you can see people almost never know I’m shooting.

Creative shooting


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