3 close-ups, 3.5×6 inch negatives 1906 S.F. Quake contact prints.

20160510 1906 SF QUAKE photos post-0922FB

20160510 1906 SF QUAKE photos post-0917FB

20160510 1906 SF QUAKE photos post-0924FB

The negatives were original, in the 1990s I made a set of contact prints for a woman, because of the “odd” size negative she let me have a copy of the prints.

As you can see I just did a fast contact print set for me, her contact print set was better, but the negatives needed a little repairs and she just wanted some kind of prints.

At the time I was only interested in research on the camera and film size, so a quick set for me. I can do that with the internet and some digital images.
Landmark of that TOWER, is something I believe is still in part around…… with the ruined city and towns people wandering the streets in front of the tower, priceless photograph, folks.
The camp over the ruined city below, again in one set one photographer, some nice, some duds, overall as a 42+ year photographer, this is very nice to have even if the paper printed is only 20+ years old, the images came from odd size negatives 110 years old, now.
Contact prints direct from the 3.5 x 6 inch negatives. An odd size which makes these a bit rare also.
Again, 14 images in total, all origianl contact prints made in a wet darkroom in the 1990’s from the original 1906 negatives.
Even at a few million per frame/print for a set of one photographer’s unusual view of the Historical San Francisco 1906 Earthquake, this would enhance any collector’s collection!
Winning bidder may come to San Juan to receive the photos in person, to insure the new owner has all their archival desires and safety measures in place.

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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