San Juan de los Lagos, Scooter Street Photography

20160508 LinkedinVP-flower ebook post-0345FB

A common sight…….. Street photography fun

Never to young! San Juan scooters!

Sorry I got this, pure street photography, note that the child standing in the front is KIND OF driving…. saw the child as they approached, the man has his hand is up on the right side as they rounded the curve, then in his left hand I kind of noticed the cigarette as I was spinning to get the passing shot. Cropped a little tighter than frames shot. But I liked the line of trees, curve too.

20160508 LinkedinVP-flower ebook post-0347FB

20160503 San Juan post-0190

yeah, passing these 2 ladies, hip shooting……… pretty ladies, deserve to be seen.

20160503 San Juan post-0188

20160503 San Juan post-0186

This veges scooter hit my laptop case as it passed me, we had been walking together through traffic. I was about to step on the sidewalk.

20160503 San Juan post-0305

Another kid shot, blurry……

20160503 San Juan post-0306

standard riding around town, and ladies liking a little bit bigger bottom, a bit more flesh….. with all the speed bumps, it makes sense here.

And the ladies are still beautiful to see.

20160503 San Juan post-0307

20160503 San Juan post-0191

20160508 LinkedinVP-flower ebook post-0336FB

The man on the bike is a common sight, he goes past about the same times I do. In his left hand is a cup of coffee or other drink. Note the traffic cops, patiently waiting.

20160508 LinkedinVP-flower ebook post-0339FB

The street outside the CAFE, a couple of hotels, love the rockwork.

All photography copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2016


All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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