2 shots, one minute & seconds apart. Break the Rules!

20160503 LinkedinVP post-8763FB

2015 Super Blood Moon Eclipse, I arrived with the group, our leader admitted a couple hours earlier he did not do astro-photography, this was happening, I jumped out and hand held shot this.

Canon 6D hand held, Tamron 70-200mm at 200mm f/10, 1/100sec shutter.

TIME STAMP: 06:33:17

I turned grabbed my Tamron 2x tele-converter.

20160503 LinkedinVP post-8764FB

Time Stamp: 06:34:25 just a few seconds over 1 minute to put on the doubler and HAND-HELD, shot this. 20 minutes later the moon reappeared. 400mm, ISO 2500, f/10. 1/100sec shutter. Copyright Vanderhoof Photography 2015

As you can see, there is just over a minute between the shots.
I was with a group, I came because of the eclipse and the photographer leading the workshop had worked with Ansel Adams for many years. As the photographer explained that he was NOT a astro-photographer, a few hours before the eclipse. I had turned to look out the window and saw the clouds coming in fast. No sense worrying about it. weather would have to factor in.
We arrived on this spot, as this was happening. I just jumped out of my truck camera in hand. Hit the first shot. Knew I wanted closer, turned and grabbed the 2x Tamron lens doubler, put it on and shot again. The clouds played hide and seek with the eclipse till near midnight. These are the nicest of the night’s frames. Hand held, yes the Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8, is Image stabilizing. But at 400mm and shutter speed of 1/100 I am at 25% recommended shutter speed. At 200mm I was 50% of recommended shutter speed and in normal range of the IS system.
As an old news hound, I still believe the motto, “Get the Shot, then worry about if it is great.”
Creative shooting.

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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