20160502: Children get to me!

20160502 San Juan post-0304

OK, so I came down from the roof, shooting sunset. The children wanted to see. Then they wanted to get shot. ISO 10000, f/3.5 1/13 shutter HAND help….. yeah the children sat that still.

OK, so yes that is Mona with her hands up.

After the shot, the children came and looked, laughed and wandered off.

Mona wandered off, then came back to me…..

Mona looked at the camera in my hands, pointed to it, and then POINTED to her eyes, and stared me.

I commented, amusingly, “you want to see?”

Her head bobbed a tiny bit and she went back to looking at the camera in my hands.

I laughed, I speak almost no Spanish, Mona is just learning to speak, YET we communicate.

I showed her the photo again, she laughed, giggled and walked away happy as could be.

Of course so did I.

Lovingkindness energy to all


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