20160501 3 months Mexican gas, MSR WhisperLite cleans up Review

20160501 San Juan post-0067FB

Getting ready to disassemble The MSR WhisperLite Universal Stove.


MSR WhisperLite Stove Universal 3 fuels camping/travel.

Well, if you have been following my blog, you know I am in San Jaun de los Lagos, living like a peasant.
So my water source, while a tap, is so often buried in dirty laundry, kids playing, animals getting round it, I boil most my water uses.
So my MSR WhisperLite stove is running a lot. Now I am using up the iso/butane canisters on my Jetboil, can’t fly them and leaving this continent soon. JetBoil is not as good a stove either, in my opinion.
But the MSR stove is running regular gas Pemex, and for 4 months it has been doing so. Average 2-3 hours per day. Water boiling days, I will run a bottle of gas, 20fl. oz/591ml, to boiling about 5 gallons of water. 4-5 hours running constantly, I do this at least once a week.

20160501 San Juan post-0141FB


20160501 San Juan post-0140FB
Yes, in the photo, you can see my MSR water filter, 20+ years old and still good. But their new SELF-FLUSHING water filter is on my list. Still have a  fresh filter for this one, plus the life left on the one in use. I can pump water if I need to, but I’m an old man, with a destroyed right arm. Boil the stuff.
Anyway, in the photo you see my bottles, the stove torn down some and tools. The wire brush is a FAST Cleaning tool, the soot builds up, causing heat regulation problems. So every so often, I just take the stove and get somewhere I don’t care about the soot falling, outdoor fire pits are good. 5 minutes later the soot is gone, and unless the burner unit on top is plugging up, I’m back cooking.
Every couple weeks, I have to disassemble the stove like you see here, wipe everything down with clean gasoline. Check the jet, AND INSIDE the jet orifice chamber. The Chamber will fill with soot and raw gas varnishes, which affects the air flow and will create particles that can block the main burner.

20160501 San Juan post-0142FB
However, again, an hour or 2 of cleaning, looking things over and good to go.
But yeah, I got to the point of having to really break it down.
The cable in the fed tube needs to be cleaned every-so-often.
I got my life to deal with, so I put it off, and ended up with a STUCK cable.
The tool in the kits is fine if you are normal, and clean the MSR stove after every trip.
Me, I needed a pair of needle nose pliers. Clumsy old hands of and old man, the pliers were easy, BUT DON’T DAMAGE YOUR CABLE, crush the end, it won’t work every good!
I spent several hours slowly working the cable, dripping fresh gasoline into the fed tube, it had fully plugged up.
Sat out in the sun and relaxed, while the tube soaked.
But, I did get it out without damage, cleaned it with the wire brush. Yes the small round head is great for getting into the different places on the stove including the top main burners for a quick cleaning.
I spent about an hour running the cable in and out of the fed tube. I was washing it out with fresh gasoline, when the gas came out the same color, I stopped cleaning.
Final shot, back up and running to boil water.
MSR WhisperLite Universal Camping Stove, yeah, I like and it GETS THE JOB DONE.

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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