20160501 Mona moments….

20160501 San Juan post-0138FB

A favorite toy, plastic soda bottles…… Hanging form trees or clothes lines, batting practice. A little dirt, a wobbly figure toy…… hours of fun for 5-6 children in my courtyard

20160501 San Juan post-0111FB

Shooting out the air slit, a sheet hangs in front of the door for privacy, pushed to one side to let in more air, I see out. Mona has some one playing with her……..

and if you don’t think she watches to see when she can play with me…..

her favorite is to hold up a foot, “I-eee”, I hold up a foot, “I-eee”, next foot, back and forth for  minutes or so. It is a game to see if I can hold out my foot, as I am doing errands and such. However NOTE WHERE MONO appears to be looking….

20160501 San Juan post-0132FB

sweet children……..

All comments in artistic, opened minded opinions are welcome.

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